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Our Culinary Journey

BAMBUU Asian Eatery blends old traditions from stand-out Chinese, Korean and Japanese recipes, and offers a new twist with healthier ingredients and kid-friendly options.  We prioritize customer service because our customers deserve the best.  We believe that food brings people together and love welcoming guests to our restaurant, which is conveniently located on Route 60 in Vero Beach and offers both indoor and outdoor seating. ​

We combine fresh, quality ingredients to bring healthy, unique, Asian Cuisine to our valued customers.  Bamboo is a plant that always remains green and just like the plant, we too keep up with the evolving culinary landscape to provide a unique dining experience. During a storm, bamboo bends, but does not break. We also adapt to new challenges and demands.  Once its roots are buried in the most difficult of soils, bamboo grows rapidly toward the sky.  We too planted deep roots and are growing upwards.

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